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We are BeTuning
DESIGNER Vittorio Strosek

Enthusiasm for racing, a knowledge of governing aerodynamic laws and the fun of sculptural shaping, combined with a remarkable three dimensional power of imagination - these are the characteristics that have given automobile designer Vittorio Strosek a name.

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Hintsteiner has successfully been producing industrial models, moulds, prototypes and small series using plastics since 1981 
Our core competencies are in model making, mould making, tool manufacture, carbon technology rapid prototyping, coatings and RIM injection moulding 
The carbon-solutions department was founded in 2002
A team from differing technical fields works exclusively on the manufacture of high-quality composite fibre components whether structural or aerodynamic components, gauges and jigs or tools, etc.

Products from our company are used in a wide variety of industries. We are for example considered a reliable partner in the automobile industry, machine and equipment construction, electrotechnology, medical technology, motorsport and the optical industry.